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My shop is at 2424 Torrance, Bl.,
​1 and a half blocks east of Crenshaw.

​ It is the 2nd building from the corner of Beech.
​My front door is on the backside of the building,

​facing the alley, and the back parking lot.

Look for the small "F sign"
​with an "​​​-->" pointing to the door ​​.
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Electrolysis has been around for more than a hundred years.  Electrolysis proved to be a breakthrough discovery. It now boasts the best and longest track record for permanent hair removal. In fact, medical experts agree that electrolysis is the only safe, effective method for removing hair permanently. Today, people of all ages and in all walks of life are enjoying permanently smooth, hair-free skin – a benefit that only electrolysis can offer.   And the results are more than skin-deep.  
The marketplace is flooded with temporary hair removal methods, such as depilatories, waxing and threading, and laser. But they all have the same disadvantages as ancient methods, in that the hair grows back. Many of these methods can actually increase hair growth.
For permanent hair removal, electrolysis is the only solution. It works almost anywhere on the body. And it’s effective on light or dark hair, as well as all skin tones.

Every hair has it's own lifespan for growing and shedding​, an eyelash,  just before it gets to its destined length, actually stops growing,  is shed, and just sits til something might make it come out.
​ It is like a weed,...just sitting quiet,...and dried up.

Electrolysis ​​ works best on newly sprouted growth...burning/damaging/drying up the follicle, and hair cell .  It is a slow process.  Working on new, baby hairs is the best time to damage them.  It has little to no effect on hairs that are shed,...and sitting quiet.

Torrance Bl.
I welcome your questions and offer a FREE CONSULTATION for new clients,
​who are just inquiring about hair removal.

For new clients, your consultation,  ​1st treatment is FREE (10 minutes)
in a private room.​

Then you can decide if electrolysis is right for you!

I do electrolysis in torrance,  which is permanent hair removal in the south bay, in a private room.
For the best Hair Salon Service
​ in Lomita, 90717.
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